Sunday, March 11, 2012

Life is Good

I know, I know, I've not posted in quite some time.  Well, I'd love to make a million excuses, like...we put our house on the market, had a baby, bought a new house, sold our old house, moved, put Ella in a new daycare and started Ella in all new therapies in our new county...but I won't give you all those excuses...I'll just say that we're going to start fresh, with no apologies for the long delay!  Thanks for understanding :)

Ella is doing amazing.  She has become more and more mobile without actually walking, and yes, that is possible.  She crawls faster than most of us walk, and cruises around EVERYTHING!  She is starting to "let go" a little while standing, which is a huge deal.  Essentially the problem with walking is, there's no incentive to do it.  It doesn't accomplish anything more than crawling does, so often therapists see a long time span between crawling and walking in kiddos with low muscle tone. 
Health wise, she is on the mend.  She has had a sick winter with her share of viruses and she even shared them with the rest of the family, thanks El.  It is great to see her feeling (and looking) better after two rounds of antibiotics.  We added a new doctor to the list, an Endocrinologist.  Ella's blood work is checked regularly for abnormal thyroid and leukemia.  Our last test, December of 2011, she had an abnormal thyroid level (TSH), the leukemia screen was fine.  An abnormal thyroid in children with Ds is almost expected, at least at some point in their life.  It's no big deal, very treatable with medication and regular monitoring.  Our endocrinologist requested more blood be drawn so she could look for antibodies in addition to the (slight) abnormal TSH levels.  If she has the antibodies, we will be starting medication, if she does not, we will just monitor the condition and start her on meds when/if it becomes more severe.  We will find out this week.
I think she is warming up to her baby sister Macy, born September 6th, 2011.  At first she wasn't sure.."who is this person that takes all my mommy's time?", "why is she always crying?", "why is she always eating?"  Ella loves all of Macy's things, her swing, her bouncy seat, her exersaucer - they are like new toys to her.  The problem is, Ella is still so small she can still fit it all of them!  She LOVES to crawl up into the swing (this sounds like a good idea, right?) - at least she doesn't do it with Macy in it too!  Macy is doing well, sleeping through the night (finally) and doesn't miss a meal.  It is so weird to have a child that grows so quickly (probably just a normal rate, but I'm not used to it).  Macy is already probably 16 pounds, and Ella is still trying to tip the scales at 25 pounds!  Even though they were born around the same time of year, I don't think Macy will be able to wear lots of Ella's summer clothes, as she is already bigger now than Ella was her second summer.

My goal is to try to post weekly, but bear with me until I get into a routine!  Of course I'll do pictures too, but not today...there is baby food to make and laundry to fold, so need to move on to the next thing!


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